High-Speed Video Recording Cameras
Satellite in space

High-Speed Video Recording Cameras can record more than 1,000 frames per second.

One of the special things about high-speed video recording cameras is their speed. Compared to cell phone cameras or other cameras, a high-speed video camera takes 1,000 frames or more per second, while a cell phone camera takes only 25 frames per second. More frames also allow you to capture more detail.
Memory is also special. Thanks to the built-in ring memory, you'll never miss an important event again.

The extraordinary thing about high-speed video recording cameras is that they don't actually record video, but individual high-resolution images. These images can then be played back as video, also in slow motion.
The razor-sharp individual images enable precise and simplified analysis of specific recorded moments..

The application areas of high-speed video recording cameras are diverse and can be found in all markets:

  • Analysis of fast running processes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quality control
  • Process optimization
  • Quality assurance

Being able to visualize fast processes

Laboratories, research teams and companies benefit from such cameras when normal cameras cannot visualize their processes because they run too fast. They are also ideally suited for exact detail shots.
Basically, anyone who is interested in finding out why some processes do not run as they should, e.g. why parts are damaged in production, can benefit from such a high-speed video camera.

This will improve the quality of products and parts, shorten the changeover time for new products within a machine, find defects faster and drastically reduce machine downtime due to defects.

Detect defects from the beginning

A high-speed video recording system is not purchased explicitly for a single application. Rather, the aim is to be able to use the camera for as many applications as possible in order to get the maximum benefit from the investment. The system can be adapted very easily to any new situation.
Since adjustments always have to be made in a process or parameters have to be set differently, a check with a camera system is often the only solution to detect errors right from the start.

There are countless different use cases. The most common are:

  • Gluing cardboard boxes
  • Packing of food
  • Dispensing labels
  • Drop tests
  • Trouble Shooting in everyday production
  • Process analysis
  • Filling of bottles with liquids
  • Assembly of subassemblie
  • Handling of assemblies within an automatic assembly machine

Application example labeling machine

For example the labeling of praline packages. The sticker is to be placed in the center of the package. In the process, however, this sticker is applied crookedly. Since this labeling machine works very quickly, it is not obvious to the human eye where the error lies. Only a high-speed video recording visualizes the exact process. Then it can be seen that the label is not dispensed in the correct position. Detected problem: dispenser has not been calibrated to the correct label length.

Pharmaceutical application example

A container in the pharmaceutical industry is to be filled. The filling process is started with too high pressure. As a result, parts of the liquid splash out of the glass jar and contaminate the outsiders. This leads to a standstill of the machines, because the machine has to be cleaned first. Only with a high-speed video camera can the process flow be made visible and the problem found.

Exceptional use cases

Exceptional use cases also exist. Over the years, Mikrotron has supported many installations or supplied the cameras for specific applications. Here is a small selection of remembered atypical cases:

  • Analysis of the front tire of an airplane as it touches down on the runway
  • Observation of the unfolding process of solar panels in space on satellites
  • Observation of the behavior of wheel suspensions during a DTM race (car racing series)
  • Observation of the inner workings of pacemakers during drop tests
  • Observation of aerosols during sneezing


Easy handling

The handling of the camera and the interface of the software are deliberately kept very simple to keep the entry inhibition threshold as low as possible. Anyone can work with the system and quickly get to grips with it. After installation, the camera can be operated completely from the outside and the control computer/laptop is always located outside the machine to ensure ease of use.

It is also very convenient that a high-speed video system requires no maintenance and there is no wear and tear.


Our expert has many years of experience

Our expert for these particular cameras has been serving various customers worldwide for years. Normally, clients describe their use case and requirements and our expert uses his years of experience to assess the situation. Our expert can then advise on the case accurately, even if the user does not know all the technical details.

More important than the individual cameras of the Mikrotron portfolio are the applications or requirements from the customer. The requirements determine which camera system is best suited.