EoSens® 3CL camera from Mikrotron
Press release on the US-based platform New Equipment Digest about the use of the Mikrotron EoSens® 3CL camera. more

[Translate to en:] VisionSystem Innovators Awards 2021
Mikrotron is being honored at the ‚Silver Honoree‘ award level for the EoSens Creation 2.0XGE in the category 'Cameras - Specialty (High-speed,… more

Researchers at the the University of Tokyo, Japan, have developed an evasive maneuver assist (EMA) system using high-speed cameras capable of… more

Satellite in space
High-Speed Video Recording Cameras can record more than 1,000 frames per second. more

In a study by scientists at the University of California, various responses were tested in mice. This forms the basis for research into… more