Our Clients

Among insiders, Dietmar Erhardt is considered Germany's best when it comes to golf clubs. His company Classic Club Repair has been equipping golfers with custom-made golf clubs for more than 20 years. Over time, the MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini1 has become part of his standard kit. It provides key insights into the motions performed by golfers during a swing. more

The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich uses the 3D-PTV technique to study the swimming behaviour of copepods. Equipped with four EoSens® CL cameras, the system combines high recording durations, high light sensitivity and high-speed recording. more

Insects are capable of flying and navigating over tens of kilometers through complex natural environments. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden aim to understand how different insect species use visual information to control flight. Their flight facilities are equipped with Mikrotron high-speed cameras. more

Equipped with a MotionBlitz® LTR Long Time Recording System Prof. Dr. Ahammer’s research group at the Medical University of Graz studies the temporal variability of beating heart cells. more

In 2014, when Rexam Pharma GmbH became Nemera, the company also inherited its MotionBLITZ® Cube3 camera. Looking for an effective way to analyze disruptions in manufacturing processes, the company introduced this high-speed camera in 2006. The camera still remains in use today and provides a worthwhile starting point for process optimization. more