Our Clients

When Mr. Back, production area manager at Rexam Pharma GmbH, sought an effective way to analyze disruptions in production processes, he opted to use a MotionBLITZ® Cube3. The company now belongs to Nemera. more

The Swedish Solar Telescope, run by the Institute for Solar Physics, can see details the size of a 10 cent euro coin at a distance of about 40 km. This was achieved by use of an adaptive optics system. The system relies on the EoSens® CL for high-speed imaging. more

At VARTA Consumer Batteries the MotionBLITZ® Cube2 has proven to be an extremely useful technology in a range of production processes. It has allowed the company’s engineers to detect and correct a number of problems and error sources in plant design and process planning as well as in maintenance and repair. more