Today, high-speed cameras are increasingly used in advertising to visualize outstanding advertising messages. Slow motion pictures convey aesthetics and emotion out of the ordinary. The use of high-speed cameras in advertising spots could give the viewer a better understanding of certain special characteristics of the product.

MIKROTRON high-speed cameras especially are suited for the shooting of advertising spots. Slow motion pictures of excellent quality can be realized, due to the high resolution of the recordings. Even despite adverse recording conditions aesthetical and fascinating pictures can be created, because of the special characteristics of the cameras. Working with a MIKROTRON long time recording system, which stores the pictures to a ring store hard disk system in real time, may also be helpful in advertising. Idle times that normally occur because of the time-consuming readout of data from the camera can be omitted by doing so. In that way, longer sequences of pictures can be recorded without interruption. 

Should you have any questions concerning our high-speed cameras and high-speed recording systems in connection with your application, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly give you advice.