Food production is a succession of complex processes. The way from the raw material to the packaged good is a clearly defined succession of various production steps. The ever growing pace of production, plus increasing requirements regarding hygiene and quality of food, necessitate targeted control of the individual steps.

Using MIKROTRON high-speed cameras, these processes can be monitored, analyzed and optimized coherently. Thus, a constant quality of food can be maintained and the efficiency of the production process is increased.

High-speed cameras are ideally suited for the application in automated food production. Even under complex conditions (e.g. vibrations, spatial limitations, difficult lighting situations and varying temperatures), they reliably provide significant pictures.

The rugged and compact high-speed cameras are up to every challenge in the food production industry, because they fulfill all quality and reliability requirements due to their excellent image quality, high speed und photo sensitivity.

Food production industry, especially, is reliant on continuous process monitoring. With the help of MIKROTRON long time recording systems, long-term processes or whole testing series, and unexpected events or very fast successive single events in the food production chain can be recorded completely. The pictures are transferred directly to a ring store hard disk system in real time. Thus, interruptions that usually occur due to the time-consuming read out of data from the camera are omitted.

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