In natural sciences digital image processing may help to reveal a reality that cannot be seen by the human eye. In many different areas of research in natural sciences high-speed cameras are used today.

Down to the last detail, every kind of scientific observation is logged. MIKROTRON high-speed cameras can be implemented in the interplay of a large variety of scientific devices such as microscopes or telescopes, e.g. in hydrodynamics experiments in physics, biomechanical studies or functional kinetics.

High-speed cameras are also apt for all other segments of natural science. Owing to their excellent image quality, high speed and photo sensitivity, they reliably capture significant pictures even under extremely difficult experiment set ups.

For applications that require long recording times or do not allow for interruptions or delays, the use of MIKROTRON long time recording systems may be advisable. With continuous recording the pictures are transferred directly to a ring store hard disk system in real time. Interruptions that usually occur due to the time-consuming read out of data from the camera are omitted. That way, whole testing series or long-term processes, and unexpected events or very fast successive single events in the field of natural sciences can be captured comprehensively.

Should you have any questions concerning our high-speed cameras and high-speed recording systems in connection with your application, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly give you advice.