With the CameraLink® interface we provide a large range of accessories in addition to the application of our MIKROTRON Machine Vision cameras. These components facilitate the use of high-speed cameras in coordination with the requirements of the most diverse applications.

Base oder Full Fiber - CameraLink® Repeater

  • Fiber optic data transmission for the extension of CameraLink® cable connections to up to 1000 m overall length
  • Models for Base CameraLink® and Full CameraLink®
  • Full CameraLink® Repeater can be used to configure medium
  • Pixel rate up to 85 MHz
  • Data rate up to 660 MB/s
  • Additional connector for transparent serial transfer of control commands or data signals via fiber optic cable

B562 Camera Link® Repeater

  • B562 CameraLink® Repeater for signal amplification for further 10 m cable length between camera and frame grabber
  • Pixel rate up to 66MHz

B408 - Camerasplitter

  • Maximum use of resources and solid system architecture based on conventional analog technology. 
  • Three analog cameras per camera splitter
  • Two splitters per frame grabber connection
  • A maximum of six cameras per frame grabber
  • For INSPECTA-4A and other analog frame grabbers

We would gladly discuss the requested application with you and determine the appropriate devices.

Please, do not hesitate to call us. We will gladly give you advice.