Efficient and reliable frame grabbers are an important component within the image processing system. 

The frame grabbers listed below, made by several manufacturers, have been tested for compatibility and meet the high standards for connecting MIKROTRON machine vision cameras.  
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Active Silicon, established in 1988 and based in Iver (UK) and Severna Park (USA), specializes in the development and production of digital image capture products and technologies, in particular video capturing, industrial image processing and embedded systems. Their products are used in various applications in business, science and industry. The in-house development and continuous improvement of the hardware and software technologies guarantee imaging products at a high level. 

For more information about the Active Silicon CoaXPress FireBird Series frame grabbers, see website.



Bitflow, founded in 1993, with headquarters in Woburn, USA, develops and produces frame grabbers and software for industrial image processing. The highly efficient interfaces mean the products are especially suitable for connecting cameras with extremely high data rates. The frame grabbers can be used in all areas of industrial image processing, such as in the life sciences, in print inspection, flat screen inspection, document processing and in the semiconductor industry. 

For more information about BitFlow CoaXPress frame grabbers see website



Silicon Software, located in Mannheim/Germany and Nashua/USA, is a manufacturer of frame grabbers, mobile image processing devices for automation, and intelligent, customized pre-processing solutions based on reprogramable FPGA technology for machine vision applications. The standardized and customized OEM products by Silicon Software have been successfully used in industrial as well as non-industrial applications for many years. 

Further focuses include graphical programming environments and image processing libraries for real-time applications. The hard- and software products are designed for flexibility, easy handling and performance, featuring user programmable FPGA technology. 

Silicon Software offers solutions for all relevant digital machine vision standards. The intuitive programming of the frame grabbers by the award-winning software tool VisualApplets allows for adaptations to individual system requirements. 

For more information about the Silicon Software CoaXPress MicroEnable5 frame grabbers see website


KAYA Instruments is a privately held global company which was founded in 2008. It serves a global audience in the machine vision market with proprietary hardware, firmware and software. It is a leading provider of CoaXPress-related high-tech, highly-engineered products. The company designs and manufactures internally to ensure the highest quality, in line with clients’ highly specific needs. Many of KAYA Instruments’ systems are field-customizable, making them continuously compatible with clients’ changing needs. 

For more information about KAYA Instruments frame grabbers see website.





Euresys is a leading manufacturer of image and video acquisition components, acquisition COTS boards and image processing software, has more than 25 years of imaging expertise in the machine vision, healthcare, ITS and video surveillance markets. With an extensive worldwide customer base and patented technology, Euresys’ expertise includes analog and digital video acquisition, image compression, camera control, image analysis, processing and transport.

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