KOWA Optimed Europe, Ltd. is central part of the Electronics & Optics Division of KOWA Company Ltd., which already was established in 1946. The company is one of the largest privately owned Japanese companies. 

In the Electronic & Optics Division, KOWA combined the expertise from the electronics, mechanics and optics departments. This provided ideal prerequisites to achieve technical improvements constantly. KOWA aims at being the world-wide technology leader for optical products and related integrated technical solutions. 

KOWA stands for bright, compact, high resolution, high quality – precisely, everything you expect of a professional lens.

KOWA 3CCD Large Format

KOWA’s sturdy, high-quality 3CCD Large Format industrial lens series is perfectly suitable for the use with industrial 3CCD color line-scan cameras. The lens provides an extremely high resolution. In connection with a nearly distortion-free imaging and excellent overall brightness, you will obtain a brilliant picture over the entire surface using the KOWA 3CCD lenses.


  • Extremely high resolution
  • Suitable for use with sensors of 30 mm line length
  • Minimal chromatic aberration
  • Excellent brightness distribution, even in picture corners
  • Near lens available for close range applications
  • Nikon F-mount
  • Lenses available as LM28CLS (28mm, F2.8), LM35CLS (35mm, F2.8) and LM50CLS (50mm, F2.8).

KOWA Line Scan
A solid metal housing, locking screws for locking aperture and focus as well as precision glass lenses make the models of the KOWA line scan series true industrial lenses which deliver consistently good results, even in rough environments.

KOWA optics that have been especially optimized for Machine Vision also function excellently at close range. Thus, even very small objects can be inspected without using additional spacers. 

These details alone show that KOWA consequently puts the requirements of its customers from the industry in the focus of its attention. 

The durability of the lenses, the excellent results with regard to image quality and the advantages in handling lead to an improvement of processes , and thus to a clear reduction of overall application costs. Therefore, KOWA lenses increasingly replace Nikon lenses, which are generally geared towards consumer markets. 


  • Large format of 43,3mm (also suitable for small pictures)
  • Locking screws for locking aperture and focus
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Extremely high resolution / megapixels
  • Minimal chromatic aberration

The lenses are currently available with focal lengths of 28mm, 35mm und 50mm and can either be delivered with a bayonet lock (Nikon F mount) or a threaded connection (M48), depending on requirements. A lens with a focal length of 75mm will soon be introduced to the market.

Other KOWA Industrial Lenses
Being the distributor, MIKROTRON, naturally, offers the entire product range of KOWA lenses that are suitable for industrial purposes, both for standard and special applications:

  • Lenses with a resolution of up to 10 megapixels for the most high picture quality
  • Infrared lenses (e.g. for quality checks of welded connections with the help of high-speed thermography)
  • Lenses in many different formats (e.g. 1/3 inch, 1/2 inch, 2/3 inch, 1 inch, 4/3 inch) covering a great range of common sensor types
  • Additional special models like macro zoom lenses, telecentric lenses, zoom lenses

We would gladly support you in finding the lens suitable for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to arrange a personal consultation. We can also lend you a lens upon request, so that you can see the quality and suitability with regard to your concrete application.

Many of these high-quality standard optics are available at a very attractive price.

We would gladly discuss the requested application with you and determine the appropriate lense.

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