MIKROTRON’s solid frame grabbers offer reliable and flexible possibilities to receive and store signals until further processing in a PC. Frame grabbers offer the right connection of the camera to the PC for all camera systems and all connection formats. Using photocoupler inputs and outputs,  line scan as well as area scan cameras can be integrated into a system without the use of any additional hardware. MIKROTRON frame grabbers also make a hassle-free integration of several cameras possible. External power supply units for cameras are no longer necessary, because the frame grabber supplies power to all cameras.

A data transfer rate of several 100 Mbyte/s is achieved by a high band width. Data integrity, reliability, flexibility and a high band width are among the most important characteristics of MIKROTRON’s INSPECTA frame grabber line.

Various MIKROTRON frame grabbers are available in order to meet the different requirements of our customers. For detailed information on technical characteristics and special features of the individual models please refer to the respective datasheets.

We gladly discuss the requested application with you and determine the appropriate devices. 

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