MotionBLITZ® high-speed recording cameras Cube and mini can be found among the world’s most compact high-speed recording cameras in their category. Cube and mini give precise insight in fast motion processes, especially, in cases where there is only limited space to place a high-speed recording camera. Their outstanding performance features make them efficient analysis tools to monitor and optimize processes. In extreme situations such as difficult lighting conditions, varying temperatures, vibrations or jolting, not only in case of space limitations, high-speed cameras reliably deliver comprehensive pictures.

With its built-in display, the high-speed recording camera eosens TSx offers a user-friendly operation as handheld high-speed snapshot camera.

Due to a substantial product range and the various performance characteristics of the high-speed cameras, it is possible to find exactly the appropriate device for every individual application.

Our customers use MIKROTRON high-speed cameras in all areas of industrial development and production, in natural sciences and research as well as in sports sciences.

EoSens QUAD1.1S is the result of consistent further developments in camera technology by an innovative team of engineers.

MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini: extremely compact high-speed recording camera for high-speed recording of up to 6.5 seconds

MotionBLITZ® Cube: compact high-speed recording camera for high-speed recording of up to 13 seconds


eosens TSx: handheld high-speed recording camera for high-speed recording of up to 13 seconds

(Pixel, H x V)
Framerate (fps)Light sensitivity
(ASA) monochrom
Extended recording time  (seconds) (optional)
EoSens®QUAD1.1S1,280 x 864 1 – 2,500, more than 100,0006,400 / 5,0002,48
EoSens®mini21,696 x 1,7101 - 523, more than 100,0001,200 / 1,0002,82
EoSens®mini11,280 x 1,0241 - 506, more than 100,0002,500 / 2,0006,5
EoSens®Cube71,696 x 1,7101 - 523, more than 100,0001,200 / 1,00011,28
EoSens®Cube61,280 x 1,0241 - 506, more than 80,0002,500 / 2,00013
MotionBLITZ ®Cube41,280 x 1,02425 - 1,010, more than 80,000250 / 1606,5
MotionBLITZ ®Cube21,280 x 1,02418 - 500, more than 40,000200 / 1606,5
eosens TS31,280 x 1,0241 - 500, more than 20,000 3,200 / 1,60013
eosens TS52,560 x 2,0481 - 634, more than 20,000 12,800 / 6,400 13s
The models Cube and mini are optional expendable: ImageBLITZ, Multi Sequence, Hi-G.
The models Cube and mini are partly optional expendable: IRIG-B, F-Mount Front