Extreme demands are placed on data processing when recording videos at speeds of up to 200,000 frames per second. With VisualMARC, you get a piece of software that fulfills these complex requirements. The software was developed for high volumes of data, fast transmission and ultra slow motion.

The Key Features

VisualMARC software is available in two versions:

  • Using the Basic Version, you can control your camera, record videos, play them back and export as AVI. Please request the version by e-mail
  • Using the Advanced Version, you can also optimise the colouring of your images, add or create markings, crop videos and export to common file formats.

Convenient Camera Control

The VisualMARC high-speed recording software makes the set-up of your high-speed camera very easy. Use its menus to set camera parameters, such as frame rate, resolution, region of interest and shutter speed.

Define camera parameters: set up the frame rate and exposure time. The camera can be aligned as desired, so that the live image can be mirrored and rotated.

Use the VisualMARC High-Speed recording Software to set the trigger. Recording is started once the golf swing begins.

Set the trigger: in ring mode, the camera records continuously, until you press the trigger and capture the acquisition. Determine how many images are taken before and after the trigger.

Advanced! Change trigger: make subsequent corrections to the trigger time.

The VisualMARC software was developed for simplified high-speed recording. Set the region of interest by dragging the dotted window using the mouse.

Specify the region of interest: simply use the mouse to highlight the region of interest.

Advanced! Reset later: crop the image after recording. 

Comprehensive Video Settings

Record and export video: simply start recording via the control bar. Save your recordings as uncompressed AVI files.

Advanced! Use further formats: Export your videos as a series of images in JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP format or as compressed AVI files.

Use the playback control to navigate through your high-speed videos. The VisualMARC high-speed recording software offers various functions.

Control playback: play your videos forwards or backwards. Playback speed can be adjusted as desired. Alternatively, jump from frame to frame or use the timeline to navigate through your recording

Advanced! Set events: identify key moments in your videos and label them. 

Use the VisualMARC high-speed recording software to select various sequences in your high-speed videos. These can then be exported separately.

Advanced! Clip videos: in the timeline, mark relevant sequences that you wish to view and export.

Targeted Image Processing

Use colour management: record even in poor light conditions. Perfect the colour rendering of your images, thanks to settings for brightness, saturation, contrast and white balance. 

Advanced! Transform colours: switch to different colour spaces easily. 

Advanced! Mark image areas: highlight areas of interest, by circling, framing or delineating them. Your markings are saved in the images.

Insert an info field: the info field contains information on your acquisition and is "stamped" in the images as a bar. Choose from 13 different pieces of information – from frame rate and frame index right through to the time of day – all relevant parameters are available for selection.

Please, do not hesitate to call us. We will gladly give you advice.