The MotionBLITZ CVR high-speed recording system is ideally suited to analyze fastest and most complex processes in industrial applications. It is built up of a high-speed camera and a high-performance recorder (including all cables). The user-friendly MotionBLITZ Director2 software with an extensive feature set allows easy operation of the high-speed recording system.

With 4-megapixel resolution, the EoSens® 4CXP high-speed camera allows precise insights into structural changes even at the slightest movements of the object observed. The detachable camera can be easily fit into tight spaces, observing the event where it is happening.

The recording station allows high-speed recording up to 12 seconds at full speed of 560 fps. It offers a full RAM download in less than 4 minutes, resetting the CVR into ready state for faster recording than ever before.

The MotionBLITZ CVR high-speed recording system is suitable for different requirements of our customers. For detailed information on technical characteristics and special features please refer to the respective datasheet.

We are happy to discuss your application with you. Also, individual adjustments are fast and flexible feasible.

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