Constantly increasing frame rates at higher resolutions generate a high and increasing data rate in the cameras, which must be processed in real time. For this purpose, the entire image processing system with camera, interface, cable and image processing computer has to be designed with the appropriate performance.

With the new product family EoSens® Creation, Mikrotron combines a high-speed camera with the possibility of image (pre-)processing in real time and in the camera / at the data source, thus enabling customers to develop new, compact and customized solutions in applications.  

The "Creation" family has the basic functionality of a streaming camera in combination with a standard interface that also determines the image and data rates. A powerful FPGA with additional memory enables the processing of image data in the camera in a separate, clearly defined application part. Thus, the image data can be generated and processed within the camera up to the performance limit of the image sensor. The camera then transfers only relevant image data or immediately the result in the form of data and thus becomes the solution.

Basic function streaming camera

  • Functionality of a high-speed camera
  • Output of image data from max. resolution to ROI up to the performance limit of the interface
  • GenICam compliant
  • Firmware update in the field
  • Fanless, optionally with fan

Image (pre)processing in the camera

  • Open platform concept with clear separation between the basic camera function and application IP
  • Powerful, fast Xilinx FPGA with additional external memory
  • Higher image and data rates can be used up to the performance limit of the sensor
  • IP Protection concept for encryption of customer and application specific programming
  • Programming via Xilinx development software
  • Development kit with JTAG interface available

Programming the camera internal FPGA requires appropriate FPGA and image processing knowledge. To support our customers in projects, Mikrotron cooperates with various partners in different regions, who can implement application-oriented programming according to customer requirements if needed.

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Technical Drawings

High-Speed Applications

Industrial Automation

  • Laser cutting quality
  • Roboter control
  • Laser triangulation
  • Material sorting
  • Woodsorting & Inspection
  • Meltpool Monitoring

Sports & Movement

    • Movement analysis
    • e.g. baseball: the movement of the thrower during a throw is recorded and the movement is analyzed in order to detect symptoms of fatigue and avoid injuries

    Traffic, Logistic & Transportation

    • Railway & Rail maintenance
    • Tunnel Inspection
    • Digital Terrain mapping
    • Road Inspection
    • Aerospace
    • Defence