CoaXPress 2.0 is the new standard in industrial image processing. The CXP-12 interface is particularly suitable for high data rates and powerful function and feature sets.

The EoSens® 1.1CXP2 and EoSens® 2.0CXP2 are the first CoaXPress 2.0 cameras of the EoSens® series and support data rates up to 4x 12.5 Gbps (50 Gbps). With highest frame rates in the range of 1-2 MPixel or ROIs (Region of Interest) and powerful function and feature sets, the choice of 1, 2 or 4 CoaXPress channels and speeds allows for optimal adaptation to the applications and the vision system. The CoaXPress 2.0 link is capable of supporting a data transfer rate of up to 50 GBit/s with four CXP-12 connections. The CoaXPress transfer speeds are switchable and downward compatible with CoaXPress 1.x, so that the cameras can also be used with CoaXPress 1.x grabbers.

Equipped with a high-speed CMOS sensor, the EoSens® 1.1CXP2 offers an outstanding speed of 3,660 fps.

The EoSens® 2.0CXP2 supports bit rates up to 12.5 GBit/s per channel and offers 2,220 fps. 

Technical Data

 EoSens® 1.1CXP2 
m / c
EoSens® 2.0CXP2 
m / c
Resolution1.1 Mpix2 Mpix
Framte rate3,660 fps2,220 fps
Optical format4/3"4/3"
Pixel size13.7 x 13.7 µm10 x 10 μm
Sensitivity (mono)20 V/lux*s @ 550 nm20 V/lux*s @ 550 nm
Dynamic range60 dB60 dB
FeaturesFPN Correction, Gamma Correction
CoaXPress® lanes switchable 1, 2 or 4
ConformityCoaXPress® / GenICam / CE / RoHS
For further specifications please download the data sheets.


Frame Rates

Resolution EoSens® 1.1CXP2EoSens® 2.0CXP2 
1,920 x 1.080 px - 2,220 fps 
1,280 x 864 px  3,660 fps2,805 fps 
1,024 x 768 px 4.140 fps3,150 fps 
Max. frame rate  224,600 fps170,500 fps 

Technical Drawings

High-Speed Applications

Factory Automation

  • Adaptive Manufacturing
  • Meltpool Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • 3D Laser Triangulation
  • Wood Scanning & Optimization
  • Robotics Positioning


  • Wafer Inspection
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Automated Optical Inspection

Traffic, Logistic & Transportation

  • Railway & Rail maintenance
  • Tunnel Inspection
  • Digital Terrain mapping
  • Road Inspection
  • Aerospace
  • Defence

Sports, Entertainment & Marketing

  • Movement Monitoring
  • Broadcasting
  • Replay

Medical & Life Science

  • Surgical positioning
  • Cell diagnostics

Electro Mobility

  • Precision Laser Welding
  • Battery & Energy Storage


  • PIV
  • Interferometry