A machine vision PC is one of the key components within an image processing system. A machine vision PC can affect the performance and stability of the whole system significantly. In order to achieve the best possible results from the interplay of different image processing components, the machine vision PC has to be perfectly aligned with all the other elements of the application.

Based on our more than 30 years of experience in the field of industrial control technology, we can provide you with the level of direct support you need to assemble and set up your image processing system.

Our services include:

  • Sourcing high-quality imaging components for industrial image processing (e.g., machine vision PC, cameras, lenses, frame grabbers, cables, etc.), which we compile to precisely meet your requirements.
  • Developing and configuring an optimal machine vision system that is customized and aligned strictly according to your demands.
  • Installing and testing the entire machine vision system (and the control hardware if necessary).
  • Performing controlled burn-in runs to make sure that the machine vision system we deliver and install is functional and performance optimized.

Costs minimized – Benefits optimized

We can assist you in assembling the machine vision PC or the entire image processing system. We will help to ensure that you keep your costs down and still get a complete system that delivers high reliability and performance. After installation and start-up, we are of course available as a central contact partner for servicing your machine vision system.

Individual configuration

We will focus on your specific field of application and use our professional knowledge to help you select the individual hardware components. Together we will plan your individual machine vision PC so that it fits perfectly into your existing system.

We can take your specific needs and special requests for the machine vision PC into account, even or especially if they go beyond the usual requirements. Some examples include:

  • High-quality housing for long-term use in an industrial environment with intelligent ventilation for higher stability and temperature resistance
  • Particularly large and/or different slots available (e.g., for 1HE PCI or PCIe slot, or 2HE with 3*PCI or 1*PCIe and 2*PCI slot, or PCs with ISA, PCI , PCIe slots in various configuration)
  • All standard interfaces available (RS-232-C, IEEE 1394 / IEEE 1394b [FireWire], RS-422, RS-423, RS 485, current loop
  • Analog and digital interfaces
  • Ports for mouse and keyboard on motherboard
  • All standard videoconnection available (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
  • Installation of operating systems, including older operating systems (e.g., Windows NT, Windows XP).  So you can continue to use your proven system environment.
  • Individualized machine vision computers in different housing types whose properties are precisely tailored to your specific operating conditions (19-inch rack, wall cabinet/wall mount, portable)

Long-term investment security

Our in-house service department provides you with quick and efficient professional assistance. You do not communicate with the employees of an outsourced support call center, but speak directly with the experts who know all about your machine vision PC in great detail. You also get professional support many years after the standard warranty periods, thus giving you unusually high long-term investment and operational security.

Please, do not hesitate to call us. We will gladly give you advice.