Automotive Industry

Researchers at the the University of Tokyo, Japan, have developed an evasive maneuver assist (EMA) system using high-speed cameras capable of communicating with each other via a network. The system has a wide field-of-view and high responsiveness, enabling vehicles to receive information about potential dangers immediately after it appears around them. more

Car on a test drive for wheel motion analysis.
AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of optical camera-based 3D measurement systems. With WheelWatch, the company provides a simple solution to high-precision 6D acquisition of wheel motions. The centrepiece of this system is the EoSens® high-speed camera from Mikrotron. more

Machinery and Plant Engineering

Thanks to the high-resolution images of the pantographs and section insulators, the overhead contact line in the Ceneri Base Tunnel could be inspected and evaluated by specialist personnel. more

BERNINA AG has been developing high-quality sewing machines for over 100 years. The MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini2 by Mikrotron means their engineers are able to make new technologies visible and monitor them. This has allowed them to make a variety of recordings of complex processes from thread movement to the time management of motion sequences. more

Natural Sciences

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In a study by scientists at the University of California, various responses were tested in mice. This forms the basis for research into neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and Tourette's syndrome. more

Mikrotron EoSens Cameras Help Show Value of 3D Image Analysis in Fish Biometrics. more

Scientists at the TU Dresden have developed an analysis method that allows the mechanical properties of 100,000 cells to be evaluated in just two minutes. This is 10,000 times faster than conventional methods. The research team achieved the high speed with the EoSens® CL high-speed camera from Mikrotron. more

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Equipped with a MotionBlitz® LTR Long Time Recording System Prof. Dr. Ahammer’s research group at the Medical University of Graz studies the temporal variability of beating heart cells. more

Studying the swimming behavior of copepods generates many challenges. To meet these challenges, the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich uses the 3D-PTV technique. Equipped with four Mikrotron EoSens® CL cameras, the system combines high recording durations, high light sensitivity and high-speed recording. more

Robotics and Automation

The processing quality in research and industry must meet high standards. The Bavarian Laser Center uses a camera for process observation in various laser material processing applications. more

3D-Shape GmbH performs complex surface measurements using the principle of white light interferometry, advanced sensors, 3D image processing and powerful camera technology from Mikrotron GmbH. more

At VARTA Consumer Batteries the compact high-speed camera MotionBLITZ® Cube2 has proven to be an extremely useful technology in a range of production processes. It has allowed the company’s engineers to detect and correct a number of problems and error sources in plant design and process planning as well as in maintenance and repair. more

Plant operators are often faced with a puzzle: What causes unexplained shutdowns? What are the reasons for unanticipated wastage? Our high-speed cameras are able to record even very fast system processes and deliver high definition videos of the error. Frame by frame, they help you to solve the mystery. more

Sports and Movement

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The Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, conducted a study aimed at establishing the optimal kinematic parameters of the take-off action. Biomechanical analysis was conducted using a Mikrotron camera. more

What is decisive for the throwing range of a ball? How can bad posture be avoided? What shoes facilitate the gentlest running technique? When visualizing and analyzing human motor activities, the high-speed cameras by Mikrotron can also play a crucial role in a variety of applications. more

Among insiders, Dietmar Erhardt is considered Germany's best when it comes to golf clubs. His company Classic Club Repair has been equipping golfers with custom-made golf clubs for more than 20 years. Over time, the MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini1 has become part of his standard kit. It provides key insights into the motions performed by golfers during a swing. more