EU Declaration of Conformity

MotionBLITZ EoSens® mini1-2 (PDF, 446 KB)

MotionBLITZ EoSens® Cube6-7 (PDF, 446 KB)

MotionBLITZ® Cube4 (PDF, 442 KB)

eosens TSX (PDF, 436 KB)

MotionBLITZ® LTR1.3 / LTR-L (PDF, 444 KB)

MotionBLITZ® LTR3.0 / LTR4.0 (PDF, 442 KB)

EoSens® 25CXP (MC258x, PDF, 448 KB)

EoSens® 4CXP (MC408x, PDF, 450 KB)

EoSens® 3CXP (MC308x, PDF, 441 KB)

EoSens® 3CL (MC3010-11, PDF, 446 KB)

EoSens® CL (MC13xx, PDF, 424 KB)

MC132x (PDF, 466 KB)

Camera Configuration Tools

MC ControlTool for MC136x / MC301x (EoSens / EoSens 3CL) / MC131x (32Bit)

MC ControlTool for MC136x / MC301x (EoSens / EoSens 3CL) / MC131x (64Bit)

MC1302 to MC1325 Camera Configuration Tool

MC13xx clock-frequency calculations. Documentation + VB6 sample program, exe and VB6/cpp sourcecodes

Universal Camera Configuration Tool

CameraLink Miniterminal to edit, transmit & receive configuration strings with any CameraLink Frame Grabber using Clser***.dll

Current Inspecta Drivers

INSPECTA-4 Frame Grabber, Win2000/XP/Vista/7 (32Bit)

INSPECTA-4C/4Ce Frame Grabber, WinXP/7 (64Bit)

INSPECTA-5 Frame Grabber, Win2000/XP/7 (32Bit)

Additional Inspecta Drivers

INSPECTA-2/3/4 Frame Grabber, DOSX

INSPECTA-2/3/4 Frame Grabber, Win9x

INSPECTA-2/3/4 Frame Grabber, WinNT, Service Pack 3, 4, 5, 6

INSPECTA-2/3 Frame Grabber, Win2000/XP/Vista

INSPECTA-2/3/4 Frame Grabber, Linux

Inspecta Level 0 API

Software manual for Level 0 API -english-

Inspecta Level1 API for WinNT/2000/XP

Visual Basic 6.0 example program for Inspecta-4 Level1 API

Software Manual for Inspecta Level1 API with only three functions for initialisation, grab and display with standard Windows- and Inspecta library functions.

Inspecta-5 Level1 Software manual - deutsch

Example Level1 demo program.

Inspecta Utilities

Edit PCI configuration space, Win 9x/NT