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  • Why is my camera loosing frames?

    A GigE/10GigE camera requires performance PC hardware, e.g. Intel Pentium i5/i7 Quad Core, 8/16GB RAM, Activation of 9K jumbo frames and the GigE filter driver must be installed. All switches between a camera and the PC also must be high performance Gigabit Ethernet switches. Please be also sure that you use a CAT5e/6 LAN cable. If any of these prerequisites are not met this can be a reason for frame loss.

    Further it is known that Windows interrupts applications in user space for several hundred milliseconds at random. Despite properly handling the image data stream in the Windows kernel driver, the user space application would not cope with processing those images and a buffer overflow would take place.

    With Windows10, active energy save options can slow down the network speed. Please disable all energy save options and set the PC to high performance.

    On a laptop, the power supply must be connected during startup in order for the CPU and the network to operate in the optimized condition.

    For 10GigE we recommend using 10GigE network grabber cards (e.g. Myricom 10GigE Grabber) which perform the package handling/image processing on the grabber card side and not on the PC CPU. With this grabber cards it is possible to receive all frames (no image lost).

  • Which network adapter is recommended?

    We recommend the network adapters from Intel like the i350 v2 (GigE) or the x710 series (10GigE). Please also install the Intel Pro Network driver if you use Intel NIC’s. For 10GigE, we recommend 10 GigE grabber cards (e.g. Myricom 10GigE  grabber)

  • Why can't I open the RAW file from my camera?

    RAW is the raw image information from the camera and needs a conversion and interpolation (bayer by color) to an image file format. To open a Bayer/Mono 12Bit Packed RAW image from our camera you need a program that can decode the RAW. Most programs cannot handle the 12bit packed GigE Vision Standard RAW images (only 8 and 12Bit). Therefore, it is necessary to unpack the 12bit to 16bit.

  • Why does my GigE Camera not take pictures after Acquisition Start?

    Please check if you have set the right Trigger Mode. If the camera is set to external or software trigger mode, the camera is waiting for a valid trigger signal. If the camera is set to Continuous mode (default, trigger mode off), the camera starts the free running image acquisition. 

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