Programmable Machine Vision Cameras EoSens® Creation 10GigE

EoSens® Creation 10GigE

The EoSens® Creation 10GigE is an economical, programmable High-Speed camera with 10GigE interface. With its fast, economical interface, it can be used as a normal machine vision streaming camera. Its full potential, however, unfolds with the possibility of internal processing at 40 Gbit/s for customer-specific applications. Thus, only the relevant part of the data or the already pre-processed images can be output. It thus overcomes the still bandwidth or frame rate limiting interface and outputs preprocessed images or already finished results. The clear API with blocks separated in the FPGA for camera logic and customer application simplifies programming.
The camera has an optional fan and can be equipped with a development kit. This enables field-ready FPGA firmware programming via a JTAG interface.

Models & Technical Data

In development
Engineering sample


  • High-Speed image sensor
  • Open platform concept
  • Economical 10GigE interface
  • Clear separation between basic function and application IP
  • Powerful, fast Xilinx FPGA with additional external memory
  • Higher image and data rates can be used up to the performance limit of the sensor
  • IP protection concept for encryption of application specific programming

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