Recording Cameras Quad GigE

Highly sensitive and super fast

Reliable with up to 2500 fps and best image quality, the MotionBLITZ® QUAD1.1S performs its High-Speed tasks. Thanks to the built-in ring buffer, it can also be used without a connection to a notebook or PC and then record up to 4.96 seconds at full resolution and speed without a complicated test setup. The high light sensitivity of the MotionBLITZ® QUAD1.1S enables the camera to be used inside machines, especially under difficult lighting conditions. This makes it possible to visualize processes in industrial plants and machines that would otherwise remain in the dark.

Quad Back GigE Interface



Models & Technical Data

In development
Engineering sample

Visualizes even inside machines

  • High Resolution
  • Very light sensitive image sensor
  • Very high High-Speed frame rates
  • Suitable for applications with high vibration loads

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