Food industry

Food quality guaranteed

We expect our supermarkets to stock fresh, undamaged food with long use-by dates. In the traditional corner shop each apple came from local suppliers and was inspected several times a day. Nowadays, though, the freshness of fruit, meat and vegetables in the retail sector and in further processing is automated. Industrial cameras ensure that only fresh goods make it into the shops or are processed – spoilt or damaged goods are automatically rejected. Spoilt meat or bruised fruit can be identified quickly and reliably. And empties are checked for any contamination.

Due to the large throughput volume, checks need to be performed at high speed. Food legislation requires machinery to be cleaned as well. Protected IP67-standard cameras permit use in areas where open technology is taboo.

Uninterrupted automated checking of expiry dates is also important.

That's what matters

  • Industrial protection class up to IP67
    In the food industry, cleanliness is paramount and frequent cleaning is the standard procedure. Cameras complying with defined standards of protection are resistant to dust, detergents and water jets.
  • High speeds
    Whether you require long or short cables, our cameras will meet your speed requirements. This is made possible thanks to various interfaces.