Mikrotron under the umbrella of SVS-Vistek

1 August 2022 – Mikrotron News
Mikrotron under the umbrella of SVS-Vistek


Founded in 1976, Mikrotron is internationally known in the machine vision market as a manufacturer of small and particularly robust high-speed cameras as well as high-speed recording systems. The company's digital high-speed cameras with outstanding technical performance features, for example in terms of image resolution and light sensitivity, are used in industrial and scientific applications as well as in the field of sports.


SVS-Vistek has been established in machine vision for 35 years and is one of the world's most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras, a reliable supplier of individual components and a specialist for customized system solutions in machine vision. Due to the complete production of its cameras at the German headquarters in Gilching, SVS-Vistek has the possibility to react extremely fast and flexible to customer specific requirements.

The merger

The merger is intended to bring together the many years of experience of the more than 90 employees for the benefit of the customers of both companies and thus play relevant future topics in the field of image processing along networked supply chains and across sectors in their entire breadth. Mikrotron and SVS-Vistek have complementary product portfolios that, when combined, will now open up even more comprehensive opportunities for customers. The new line-up is expected to create synergies for the development and deployment of high-end cameras in particular, which stand out from the competition in terms of speed and resolution. Mikrotron's and SVS-Vistek's proven innovative development performance, high standard of manufacturing and stringent quality controls ensure that the cameras meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

All existing Mikrotron employees will find their place within the merged company and will help the future SVS-Vistek grow at the joint location in Gilching. Mikrotron cameras will continue to be developed, produced, distributed and supported under the well-known Mikrotron brand by the expanded SVS-Vistek team.

About TKH

TKH Group N.V. (TKH) is a leading technology company focused on advanced innovative technology systems in high-growth markets. The mission is to create best-in-class technologies in the field of Smart Vision systems, Smart Manufacturing systems and Smart Connectivity systems. TKH aims to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders and provides disruptive technologies that improve efficiency, sustainability, safety, and security. 

The technologies are combined with internally developed software to create Smart Technologies and one-stop-shop solutions with plug-and-play integrated systems. TKH employs over 6,000 FTE employees and operates globally, with its growth concentrated in Europe, North America, and Asia. TKH is listed on Euronext Amsterdam with the ticker symbol TWEKA. TKH reports in three segments: Smart Vision systems, Smart Manufacturing systems, and Smart Connectivity systems.

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