Just-in-time supply chain

The speedy, orderly transport of goods is vital for networked production chains and the satisfaction of end customers. The automated controlling of goods flows must be able to handle different package sizes, positions, colors, shapes and labels. Damaged packaging must be identified and removed.

SVS-Vistek cameras such as the Tracer or the EXO with liquid lens interface are technological leaders on the market and allow for safe identification and classification of packages using the simplest of interfaces, including variable-focus lenses.

That's what matters

  • Reliable detection
    Highly networked supply chains are possible if the quality of the intermediate products fully complies with the defined specifications. Perfect image quality forms the basis of all robust quality checks.
  • Variable lenses
    In logistics, different packaging sizes are often used. Cameras with a liquid lens or tracers ensure reliable detection with variable focusing even with very different object sizes and distances
  • Economical application development
    If large volumes are to be measured and checked, the system price of the application also plays a role. Hardware features such as an integrated strobe controller result in applications that are also lean in terms of price.