Traffic technology and ANPR

Additional safety

Road traffic has become more and more dense over the past 30 years. Thanks to technological progress in vehicle development and active traffic regulation, the number of fatal accidents has been declining. SVS-Vistek cameras are widely used in traffic monitoring and in toll collect systems.

The EXO tracer, used in the successful combination of sophisticated industrial electronics and optical innovation in large-series production, enables new concepts in traffic technology.

That's what matters

  • Extended spectrum
    Image sensors and lenses with high NIR sensitivity and transparency reduce power and size requirements for traffic technology
  • Controllable lenses
    Variable-focus lenses facilitate fast assembly and dismantling of mobile control systems
  • The right resolution for every task
    Monitoring multiple lanes with a single camera is effective. Depending on the situation, a camera and lighting system must be selected to combine reliable APNR with usable photographic proof.
  • USB3 with embedded systems and AI
    Mobile compact AI systems are increasingly being used in traffic technology in particular.