Factory automation

Scalable options

Industry 4.0 is what is driving the diverse use of cameras in all stages of production. In fact, industrial cameras are essential and come in as many variations as there are product. Low-resolution cameras can often be found along with high-resolution pixel monsters. Components have to be measured, checked and classified. The traditional assembly line is increasingly giving way to a flexible manufacturing solution where cameras follow order-specific parameters to measure different parts and positionings. Camera criteria such as interface, resolution, speed or protection classes such as IP67 are adjusted to the range of tasks. High image quality and guaranteed reliability are the key points of machine-based evaluation in automation.

SVS-Vistek provides a wide range of cameras for the factory floor, with resolutions ranging from 2 to 120MP, with GigE Vision, USB3.1 CameraLink or CoaXPress.

That's what matters

  • Features for daily routines

Many of the exotic features fitted to a camera are often unnecessary for a given application. A development time saver is a very solid and reliable design of standard tasks such as clean triggering or lighting control.

  • Scalable application

Industrial applications are evolutionary. In the long term, it's worth having simple application scalability to achieve greater speed, more resolution or higher image quality without any change to the mechanical or electric parameters.