Vision solutions for the Automotive Industry

Quality just in time

Automobiles from Germany are in demand worldwide. Image, design and quality meet here in an optimal way and represent the efficiency of German engineering. One in seven jobs is directly or indirectly linked to the production of German cars.

High-Speed cameras enable comprehensive analysis of fast processes in the automotive sector, for example in system and component testing, crash tests, airbag tests or material testing in tire production.

When observing crash tests, thousands of data must be captured in fractions of a second. The smooth interaction of the individual components of High-Speed image acquisition systems and the effective evaluation of all data are particularly important here. Therefore, a lot of experience and professional know-how in the field of crash test applications is also required for the planning and installation of these complex systems.

MIKROTRON High-Speed cameras are particularly suitable for applications in the automotive industry. They reliably deliver meaningful images even in extreme situations (such as lack of space, difficult lighting conditions, varying temperatures, vibrations and shock).
With outstanding image quality, high speeds and maximum light sensitivity, these rugged, compact cameras are up to any situation.

For applications requiring long recording times, the use of a MIKROTRON long-term recording system is recommended. For continuous process monitoring, images are stored directly to a ring buffer hard disk system in real time. There are no interruptions which normally occur due to the time-consuming reading of the data from the camera. Particularly in the automotive industry, longer processes or complete test series and unexpected or very quickly successive individual events in processes in the automotive industry can be fully recorded in this way.