Print image inspection

Beautiful, legible

End users and industry both rely on a packaged product with a clean bill of health and being properly labeled. Labelling errors often have grave consequences. In the food and pharma industries, in particular, 100% print image inspection is now mandatory. EAN and QR codes, e.g., with batch numbers or production numbers allow for quick checking. Optical character recognition in printed expiry dates is indispensable for every individual package.

SVS-Vistek cameras ensure that the label really shows everything that belongs there and nothing else. The quality level must be adequate, of course.

That's what matters

  • High grayscale depth
    High color fidelity can only be achieved with high color depth and a high dynamic range.
  • High speed
    Print image control is mass-produced: High-speed image acquisition and evaluation is often the top priority.
  • High resolution
    The optical system as well as the camera must have sufficient resolution reserves.